PacketViper is a bi-directional Point and Click Intelligent Geo IP Network Filter. PacketViper saw a gap in todays security environments and invented a new layer which scrubs out network traffic before it enters the security environment. Geo-IP Network filtering is a network security tool that allows or denies network traffic based on geographical location by network port.  Sometimes referred to as country filtering or blocking, Geo-IP port filtering allows your network to choose places in the world from which it will accept or deny network traffic. More importantly, innovative designs in Geo-IP Filtering enable new and unparalleled levels of precision that allow businesses to avoid dangerous areas without excluding potentially valuable customers or business.

Palo Alto, SonicWall, Barracuda, or FortiNET Is Not PacketViper!

Although many want to compare us to top firewall providers, the reality is PacketViper and today's predominant firewalls are distinct, and each serve different purposes. Firewalls open ports, allow traffic to them, then analyse traffic for malicious intent, which in small part is their purpose. Our purpose is to help firewalls, and lessen the impact upon them by limiting globally who has access to those exposed network ports, by looking at the traffic from a global perspective, and this in small part is what we do. Although most top application layer firewalls come with some form of a geo-ip feature, all of them fail to achieve our precision, accuracy, effectiveness, impact, and usefulness when Geo-IP filtering.


Given the unlimited possibilities of virus and attack mutation on the internet, the only finite thing is IPv4 and IPv6. Wrap your arms around both of those, and your world will change!  This is what PacketViper will do for you!


Simply add PacketViper to your security environment and reduce the amount of traffic that enters, and is evaluated.  Immediately realize firewalls, spam filters, IDS, and logging system operating more efficiently when not inundated with wasteful, unwanted, and dangerous traffic.

"We Have Been Looking For Something Like This For Ever"

We currently use Fortigate.  We tried enabling the country blocking and found a bigger problem than the traffic entering our environment.  We were thinking of moving to Dell Sonicwall when we found PacketViper......Director Network Operations, Financial Market  (Read More)

PacketViper Geo IP Filter is Simple Not Complex!


Quickly remove dangerous probing and scanning from countries which have no business testing your network ports. Limit access to and from each port, to and from any country.

"I was a little skeptical, but that all changed...."

I have to say I was the one in the room that said, this is not possible, and we can do the same thing now with what we have.  NOT TRUE! ...... Sr. Systems Engineer, CCIE  (Read More)

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When PacketViper is placed inline between you and internet provider, the DDoS is minimized based on the customer’s country configuration.  Currently administrators cannot see the originating countries of the IP which is attacking, thus making it difficult to verify if the traffic is legitimate to the business. PacketViper quickly shows the administrators where the traffic is born, and quickly allows the administrator to click and filter the attacked port from the attacking countries, thereby mitigating the outages to only those filtered areas.


Enter any IP or hostname into our NetCheck field to quickly view a comprehensive analysis of the suspect IP address. Instantly see Domain Whois, DNS Whois, IP Whois, ISP, country, longitude/latitude, assigned ranges, network speeds, then filter instantly those networks, IP address, or country.

Quick view any IP's Geo Location with PacketViper IP NetCheck


Customers have found PacketViper to augment their existing security environments effortlessly with minimal network changes. PacketViper improves bandwidth, while reducing traffic loads through their security environments once filtering unwanted country IP traffic. Our low cost solution instantly reduces probing/scanning of exposed network ports, and limits stateful connections to high risk areas without the need to purchase more costly firewall systems. 


PacketViper's connection tracking is much more than a simple list of IP's with reverse DNS capabilities. PacketViper provides an actionable connection tracking area which is capable of IP NetChecking the connections IP address, filtering the country, and network range by port.  PacketViper makes it simple to manage and filter threatening IP addresses, and networks from any traffic management screen, thereby eliminating the need to switch to other screens to filter traffic. Screen Shots


Abstract: Despite advances by commercial firewall providers, cyber security breaches are an increasingly prevalent, dangerous, and costly problem for companies. Furthermore, liability and legal ramifications for such breaches are an emerging problem for businesses of all sizes, and statistics indicate that many companies remain ill-prepared for such attacks.


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